There comes a time in everyone's life where they are faced with a dental problem at occurs during the weekend or maybe during your dental office after hours. Determining if these situations are considered to be an emergency can be difficult when the dentist is out of the office. To help better determine if you have a dental emergency, Dr. Naran and the dental team at Naran Family Dentistry have provided a guideline for you to review.   

Dental Emergencies

When it comes to protecting your teeth, It's definitely vital to distinguish the differences between an emergency and a minor issue.  Things to look for when it comes to dental emergencies usually include:      

  • Injured jaw

  • Painful swelling

  • Painful toothaches

  • Non-stop bleeding

  • Knocked out or loose permanent teeth      

If you feel like you are dealing with any of these issues then more often than not you have a  dental emergency that demands the attention from a dental professional like Dr. Naran as soon as possible.  

Pro-Tip: On the off chance that your tooth is knocked out, you should place it in a glass of milk until the dentist can take a look at it.  

Using boiling water as warm mouthwash can reduce the amount of swelling you're dealing with as well as eliminate any type of irritation. You should also use a cold compress or ice pack to alleviate some of the accompanying pain and swelling.                

Non-Urgent Problems

Toothaches can be a devastating and painful situation to deal with. Unfortunately, this won’t always permit that the issue at hand is considered a dental emergency. Here are some other examples that are not quite considered as an emergency:    

  • Dull toothache

  • Damaged or broken night guard or retainer

  • Cracked or broken tooth that isn’t causing serious pain

  • Lost crown, bridge or filling

  • Food stuck between teeth

Even though these might not classify as dental emergencies, you should still reach out to your dentist as soon as possible to handle and prevent prolonged pain and discomfort.

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