If you are going through the process of losing teeth, the thought of dentures probably sounds daunting – but your dentist is there to help you. Your specific situation will determine what option is the best for you, and your dentist will guide you through that process and share their opinions. No matter the reason for dentures, you will gain your smile once more, in no time.


When choosing a denture that fits your lifestyle, you need to decide what you are looking for the most out of them. Do you want removable dentures, or would you prefer them anchored in? Are you looking for a few false teeth, or do you need a full set of dentures? Your dentist will walk you through this step, but here are some things to take note of before going in for your consultation.


In the situation of only needing to replace a few teeth, partial dentures are your best bet. This is especially useful if you're replacing prominent front teeth or teeth that are crucial for chewing. This can be accomplished with a bridge, which fits against the roof of the mouth. In other cases, particularly for back teeth, the false teeth are attached to existing teeth with a special clasp. Partial dentures are practical and usually a comfortable option.


In other cases, however, a set of full dentures will be the best choice for you. This is particularly so in cases where malnutrition, accidents, or tooth decay result in the removal or falling out of all of one's teeth. In this case, your dentist will make you a temporary set of dentures first. This will allow you to utilize your teeth as your gums heal. Once your gums have adjusted, your dentist will take new measurements of your mouth and create a more permanent set of dentures. These are considered the best dentures for many patients, as they allow them to talk, eat, and fulfill face shape in a way that is as genuine as having a full set of natural teeth.


The best dentures are those that fit comfortably. If you find that your dentures fit wrong for one reason or another, it's best to bring them to your dentist immediately for the proper adjustments. Keeping your dentures properly adjusted, you can always ensure they'll have the perfect fit. Learn more about the best dentures for you today!