Gum disease is not a dental condition that should be ignored. Millions of Americans suffer from this disease, and many of them do not even know it. The amount of chaos and destruction it leaves in its wake is enough to keep you from smiling. Dr. Paresh Naran encourages patients that suffer from periodontal disease to learn more about gum recession and how it can be successfully treated with the use of the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique in Raleigh, NC.

Receding gums can lead to the development of more serious dental problems that can significantly impact your ability to eat, talk, smile and feel confident about your appearance. It can also lead to the development of other health issues that will affect your overall quality of life. However, under the care of Dr. Naran and his use of the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), you can stop gum recession in its tracks and regain your oral health.

Benefits to choosing PST include:

·         Avoiding the hassle of gum grafting surgery

·         An ability to preserve more healthy gum tissue

·         An immediate cosmetic transformation

·         Avoiding the use of scalpels and sutures

·         Reduced bleeding, pain and recovery

Many gum recession patients prefer the PST procedure because it allows them to take charge of their oral health. They do not have to set aside a great deal of time for recovery, and they notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of their gums. Because of its many benefits, this procedure is a much more desirable treatment option than traditional gum grafting surgery.

Although gum recession is more likely to occur in gum disease patients, it can also occur from hormone fluctuations, lip piercings, and inadequate dental care, among other factors. Patients that suffer from gum disease or other dental issues need to have these maladies resolved prior to undergoing PST.

 Do not let unhealthy or receding gums dictate your life and affect your ability to smile. Contact Naran Family Dentistry at (919) 263-3388 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Naran.