There is a lot to plan for the upcoming holiday season. You may still have presents to buy and food to prepare. However, you also want to take the time to ensure everyone in your family has a healthy smile. With so much on your plate, you can simplify things greatly by seeking out family dentistry from our dentist in Raleigh, NC. Our family dentist can help people of all ages, and there are many benefits when you have everyone in your family come to our office.

You Have Better Communication

When everyone has a different dentist, it is tough to keep track of who has what. Running around town to drop off everyone at different locations also becomes tough. You already need to do so much with driving your kids around to various extracurricular activities. This is one area where you can simplify things greatly.

You Enjoy a Variety of Dental Services

Family dentists need to specialize in a number of procedures. You can be confident if an issue does arise in someone’s mouth, you can get it take care of in an environment everyone is comfortable with. Some of the services you can enjoy at Naran Family Dentistry include:

·         Root canals

·         LANAP Protocol

·         Pinhole Surgical Technique

·         Scaling and Root Planing

·         Wisdom Tooth Removal

·         Occlusal Adjustment

·         Tooth Extractions

·         Dentures

Your Kids Get To Know Their Dentist

Many children have anxiety over seeing the dentist. It is normal, but one way to help alleviate those fears is for kids to get to know their dentist. When they go to the same dentist throughout childhood and their teenage years, they gradually become acclimated to the environment.

Your Whole Family Can Benefit Here

You can know everyone in your family is ready to enjoy Christmas dinner by taking advantage of family dentistry services. Dr. Paresh Naran can help people of all ages, so call our office to schedule your next appointment today.