It is hard not to see celebrities on the red carpet flashing radiant smiles and not feel slightly envious. What is difference between you and them? A cynic might say it is a few million dollars. Yet beautiful white teeth are not simply a benefit afforded to the rich and famous. Find a provider of effective cosmetic dentistry in Raleigh, NC (like Dr. Naran), and your smile can be just as brilliant. Yet some might tell you that you do not even need access to such a resource to achieve front-page worthy brilliance with your teeth. Rather, you simply need to take a trip to your local pharmacy.


How Effective Are Over-the-Counter Treatments?

Several over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are available to you, such as:


·         Bleaching kits

·         Whitening pens

·         Whitening strips


The champions of these products will tell you that they offer results similar to those available from a professional whitening treatment at a fraction of the cost. Are they right? It depends on what levels of their claims you are evaluating.


In terms of price, then yes, over-the-counter treatments are less-expensive (with some being sold for as little as $5). Yet their results will typically remind you that you get what you pay for. Most can only improve the whiteness of your teeth by 2-4 shades, and that only comes after extensive use. If you do end up seeing a significant difference, it might simply be that you are lucky enough to have your teeth react favorably to the solutions used in these kits.


Immediate Results that Last

A professional whitening treatment, on the other hand, is typically guaranteed to whiten your teeth between 5-8 shades in a single treatment. Not only are the immediate results better, but they last much longer. Given the cost associated with having to re-purchase over-the-counter kits to retain your results, you might even question how much more cost-effective such a solution can be.


Your smile is inextricably linked to your self-confidence. Why, then, would you trust its appearance to any whitening treatment method whose efficacy comes down to a simple matter of luck? Choose instead to seek our services here at Naran Family Dentistry. We can deliver the brilliant results you have always wanted. To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatment options, contact us today.