When you visit your family dentist in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Paresh Naran provides you with a careful checkup to ensure your teeth and the teeth of your family members are growing appropriately. One way you can help your dentist take care of issues before they become more serious is to talk about your concerns. If you think you might be suffering from the beginnings of gum recession, here are three signs you should talk to Dr. Naran about the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.


1. Your Teeth Look Longer Than Normal

Receding gums mean more of your tooth is exposed, which could lead to the roots becoming exposed as well. This makes your teeth look really long. While some people might have teeth that naturally look longer, the roots of the tooth should not be visible. If you notice your teeth seem to be growing longer, bring this up at your dental visit.


2. You Are More Sensitive to Hot and Cold Foods and Drinks

If you have ever had a cavity or the need for a root canal, then you probably have an understanding of how much it hurts to have anything come in contact with the roots and nerves of your teeth. As your gums recede and expose the roots, hot and cold beverages and foods may cause extreme pain or discomfort. Your dentist will need to investigate further to determine the exact cause of the pain.


3. You Feel Self-Conscious or Like Something Is “Off”

Whenever you feel like something is simply not right with your teeth or gums, talk to your dentist. It could be nothing, but if it is something, then your dentist may be able to devise a treatment right away. PST™ is a minimally invasive technique to treat a receding gum line. To learn more about this treatment and how Dr. Naran may be able to help, contact our office today.