Periodontal disease is a serious condition that results in infection in your gums and the surrounding bones. It is caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking, other medical problems or genetics. If left untreated, it can cause tooth decay and loss, as well as bone loss. Dr. Paresh Naran treats gum disease in Raleigh, NC, with laser dentistry.

How Laser Dentistry Works
Our experienced and qualified dentist, Dr. Naran, uses a dental laser system called the LANAP® protocol, to effectively target and remove diseased tissue and bacteria above and below the gum line. The laser seeks out only harmful bacteria, leaving healthy tissue intact. The LANAP® protocol is a gentler alternative to traditional osseous surgery and provides predictable results.

Benefits of the LANAP® Protocol
The Academy of General Dentistry believes laser dentistry to be very beneficial for patients in need of treatment for gum disease. One of the most popular benefits is the lack of anesthetic needed to perform the procedure, thus allowing those who are sensitive to general anesthesia to have the procedure done. Lasers are also more accurate in targeting diseased parts of the gums. Many patients list the healing and recovery time as the best benefit. There is little bleeding and swelling for most people, which means a shorter recovery time. Many people can return to their jobs or other responsibilities on the same day.

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If you are suffering from gum disease in Raleigh, NC, you should seek treatment immediately to preserve your teeth, gums and jawbone. To schedule a consultation appointment for your laser dental surgery, call the offices of Dr. Naran at 844-630-8890.