There are many ways to replace a missing tooth. While it can be easy to think about what is required in the here and now, it pays off to think long term when it comes to your dental health. In that regard, dental implants are a superb option that our dentist in Raleigh, NC can provide you with.


Lower Cost in the Long Run

Price is a big factor when determining what restoration to go for. Upfront, implants do tend to be a little more expensive than other treatments. However, they can actually save you money for years to come. Other restorations need to be replaced within 10 to 20 years. Implants often last a lifetime. Additionally, getting an implant means none of the neighboring teeth are going to shift out of position or fall out. That means you do not have to worry as much about getting other dental procedures in the future. Some other issues dental implants help prevent include alteration in facial contours, bone loss and gum recession.


Low Maintenance

Some treatments require future checkups with our dentist to ensure it is continuing to work fine and to adjust if necessary. Since dental implants essentially serve as an entirely new tooth, nothing else really needs to be done. To ensure a long lifespan, all you need to do is brush and floss your teeth every day and see our dentist in Raleigh, NC once every six months. That is maintenance you should be doing regardless of whether you have an implant. No special tools are required for you to purchase in order to properly care for your restoration.


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